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Wildlife Habitat Program:

The Stearns County SWCD offers a variety of wildlife habitat options for your land. There are opportunities for private and public landowners to work with local, state, and federal partners to identify habitat and develop a plan to enhance and protect wildlife habitat. Managing wildlife can bring beauty, environmental benefits, improved hunting land and wildlife, and many other benefits.  Each program offers a unique opportunity to improve the soil health and water quality.


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Wildlife Habitat Staff: 

Our staff are available to assist you with technical information, design, cost-share, and implementation of your project. If you are interested in a wildlife habitat project, please contact: 

Jason Selvog2_reduced.jpg

Jason Selvog 
Soil Conservationist 
Stearns County SWCD
Phone:  320-251-7800 x 3

Ryan Rothstein2_reduced.jpg

Ryan Rothstein
Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist

Stearns County SWCD
Phone:  320-251-7800 x 3

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