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Source Water Protection Collaborative:

A Minnesota-based statewide initiative, the Source Water Protection Collaborative brings together individuals who have expertise in source water, community outreach, engagement, or public health to develop ways to promote land use which protects drinking water sources. Environmental Initiative convenes the Source Water Protection Collaborative, which is funded via the Minnesota Department of Health through the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment. 

The Source Water Protection Collaborative began in 2019 when Environmental Initiative, the Minnesota Department of Health, and Citizens League explored needs and opportunities for land use and land use decisions that protect drinking water supplies.

Stephanie Hatzenbihler, Stearns County SWCD Water Plan Coordinator, is serving on the MN Source Water Protection Collaborative, representing the SWCD. If you have questions, please contact Stephanie at 320-251-7800 ext.3 or via email at.

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For more information, visit the Collaborative's website

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