Pollinator Habitat Program:

Native prairie flowers, clover, and other pollinator-friendly species are vital in creating and maintaining the habitats that many species like honeybees, butterflies, and native bees depend on. The Stearns County SWCD Pollinator Habitat Program provides free, high-quality seed along with technical assistance to help restore and maintain habitats for many years to come. 

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Pollinator Habitat Program Guide: 

Stearns County SWCD Services: 

By choosing to plant a pollinator habitat with the Stearns County SWCD, landowners are provided with free seed and technical assistance to ensure proper site preparation and seeding as well as successful establishment.

Who qualifies for the Pollinator Habitat Program: 

  • Landowners in Stearns County 

  • Private, public, and corporate lands 

  • Minimum project size is 2 acres 

  • Lands not eligible for USDA CRP 

  • Project details must follow SWCD guidelines

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Pollinator Habitat Staff: 

Our staff are available to assist you with technical information, design, cost-share, and implementation of your project. If you are interested in a pollinator project, please contact: 

Jason Selvog2_reduced.jpg

Jason Selvog 
Wildlife Habitat Specialist
Stearns County SWCD
Phone:  320-251-7800 x 3
Email: jason.selvog@mn.nacdnet.net

Ryan Rothstein2_reduced.jpg

Ryan Rothstein
Wildlife Habitat Specialist

Stearns County SWCD
Phone:  320-251-7800 x 3
Email: ryan.rothstein@mn.nacdnet.net