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The Stearns County SWCD is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for adults and youth throughout the area.


See below for a list of some of the activities that we are involved with.

Youth Education

Each year we support a number of local Water Festivals in the area. These 1 day events offer an opportunity for local 4th grade students to learn about nature and the natural resources we all love and rely on in Stearns County.


Staff members also assist with Conservation Education in the Classroom. Possible topics include groundwater, stormwater, shoreland, urban conservation, soil, wetlands, and the environment. We have an Enviroscape and Groundwater Model to simulate what is happening in our environment.  Contact the office for more information.

For more information contact:
Brittany Lenzmeier

Phone: 320-251-7800 Extension 3

Farm Friends Barn -

Farm Friends Barn (FFB) is an agricultural education exhibit for kids. Children become farm hands at this hands-on exhibit at they experience the agricultural process beginning at the farm and ending at the market. The Farm Friends Barn is a joint effort of Sherburne County, Sherburne SWCD, Stearns County SWCD, City of Becker, Sherburne History Center, and Structural Buildings, Inc. 

Follow Farm Friends Barn on Facebook:

Visit the Farm Friends Barn website here:

The Senior and Junoir Envirothons are a competition for students (6th through 12th grade) to challenge their environmental knowledge and skills.  Five learning stations are presented by natural resource professionals in the fields of water, wildlife, forestry, soils, and a current environmental issue. Eight area competitions are held throughout Minnesota.  The top three Senior Envirothon teams from each area progress to the state competition and the winner of Minnesota's competition advances to the National Envirothon. For more information contact:

Stearns County SWCD
Phone: 320-251-7800 Extension 3

More info on the web: or

One of our newest tools we use in youth education is our AR Sandbox. It is based on the free information and software from and supplies to create were funded by a MN DNR No Child Left Inside Grant.

AR Sandbox 01.JPG
AR Sandbox 02.JPG

Field Days and Workshops


The Stearns County SWCD hosts or help sponsor many workshops and field days each year. If you have an idea for a workshop or field day please contact our office.

Some recent examples include: Feedlot Runoff Alternatives Field Day, Cover Crops Field Days, Tillage Field Days, Value of Manure Workshop, Shoreland Contractors Workshops and many more. Keep an eye on the Stearns SWCD Calendar for upcoming events.

NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program


When you sign on as an Earth Team volunteer, you are on your way to becoming a caretaker of natural resources in your community. You may find yourself helping farmers, ranchers, and other land owners prevent wind and water erosion, conserve and clean up water, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce flooding, or helping citizens of all ages learn about the environment and conservation through exciting educational activities.

The Earth Team Volunteer Program is part of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Federal Government's lead agency for conserving natural resources on private lands.  Everyone who serves on the Earth Teams plays an important role in keeping NRCS' long-standing commitment to working with people to protect and conserve natural resources.

For more information or to volunteer contact:


USDA-NRCS at the NRCS Earth Team Volunteer website.

Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance (CMWEA)


CMWEA is a coalition of central Minnesota cities, counties and other organizations that provide educational outreach to promote water quality stewardship. The mission of CMWEA is to develop and implement educational programs that encourage individuals in Central Minnesota to protect water resources by increasing their knowledge and making simple behavior changes. By working in concert, the members of CMWEA are able to provide a consistent water quality educational message in a cost-effective manner. Looking for what you can do to help the environment? Check out the Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance (CMWEA) website for the Top 10 things you can do to help at

For more information on the CMWEA Program contact:
Wayne Cymbaluk - Community Conservationist 

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