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Irrigation Water Management

Irrigation systems are widely used in the agricultural industry to protect crops, provide moisture for the desired crop response, and increase crop productions/yields. Proper irrigation management also allows producers to maximize the water stored in the soil profile and minimize the potential of over irrigating, which helps decrease the nutrient movement in water.


The Stearns County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is offering financial cost-share incentives to implement Irrigation Water Management on your operation. 

Irrigation System.jpg

Irrigation Water Management Program Criteria: 

  • Application to be completed with SWCD

Benefits of Irrigation Water Management:  ​

  • Improve irrigation water efficiency 

  • Minimize irrigation soil erosion 

  • Reduce nutrient runoff 

  • Increase crop production & yield 

  • Savings on water, energy, & costs 

  • Improve & protect water quality

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