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Wellhead Protection :

These materials have been created for communities that have a Wellhead Protection Plan.

These materials can be used by the public for outreach efforts in promotion of Source Water Protection awareness and activities. They were created through the partnership between Framework and the Stearns County SWCD with Accelerated Implementation Grant funding through the MN Department of Health via the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment.


The materials include topics on Class V Injection Wells, Healthy Septic Systems, Source Water, Storage Tanks, and Well Maintenance. The messages come in a variety of formats including as attachments for emails, Facebook Post, Flyer for regular mailing, Print Ad for newsletters, and Web Banners for website.


The materials can be used having the Stearns County SWCD Logo already on them already or if you want them blank then you can add your City’s Logo and contact information. The Print Ads and Flyers can be printed in High Resolution (HR) or High Resolution Crops and Bleeds (HRCB) for professional printing.

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