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Take a Day OFF

Outdoor Family Fun

Unfortunately, we are sorry to announce that we will not be hosting Take a Day OFF in 2017. We will be taking a year off to evaluate goals and logistical items. We sincerely appreciate your time and commitment. We will continue to update this website about the future of the event. If you have any questions or concerns about the future of the event, please feel free to contact Ben Anderson, Stearns County Parks Department 320-654-4725 or email or

Katie Breth, Stearns County SWCD 320-251-7800 ext3 or email

On behalf of Stearns County SWCD, and Stearns County Parks Department, thank you again.

Take a Day OFF started as an event that showcased how close Stearns County residents are to North Americas second longest river the Mississippi River.  The Mississippi River County Park provides residents with 1.3 miles of accessibility to the river with 230 acres for residents to enjoy. The event provided free family activities to all attendees that wanted to educate themselves more about the outdoors. Either it was trying canoeing or kayaking for the first time on the Mississippi River, to watching electrofishing, to just taking a stroll down the river in a large canoe or pontoon to see the river for its natural beauty and to see shoreline projects that were completed along the river. The event also provided education about aquatic and other wildlife life by touch and see activities.  The event even provided attendees the opportunity to make and take crafts either to provide shelter to wildlife or created from a local invasive species tree. Over the past eight years the event also provided a featured presentation that tied into the outdoor activities. This event was possible with the help of the all the many dedicated volunteers, sponsors and donations that were provided over the years and were greatly appreciated. Please check back with us to see when new details will be released regarding this event.

We would like thank everyone for attending the event over the eight years. Keep enjoying the outdoors with a natural resource near you.

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