White Spruce (T)

Scientific Name

Picea glauca

Wildlife Value


Average height




Shade Tolerance

Very tolerant

Drought Tolerance


Growth Rate




Special Characteristics

  Needles singly in tight spiral pattern

Transplant Size  8" to 16"




General Description

The White Spruce is a large tall conifer with branches that are shorter with a thin and scaly bark. The crown is narrow conic in young trees, becoming cylindric in older trees. White spruce adapts to a surprising variety of environments and climates. It prefers moist, well-drained alluvial soil, but grows on a wide diversity of sites. White spruce is rarely found in pure stands. It usually associates with black spruce, balsam fir, trembling aspen, and white birch. Almost white, its wood is soft, light-weight, and moderately strong with a straight grain. Like other species of spruce, this wood does not absorb preservatives well..



White spruce is of great importance to the construction and pulp and paper industries. It is also used to a small extent as a Christmas tree.



White Spruce (bundle of 25)


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