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Name                                    White Oak

Scientific Name                 Quercus alba

Wildlife Value                      Excellent

Average height                   80’

Origin                                     Native

Shade Tolerance                Intolerant

Drought Tolerance             Very tolerant

Growth Rate                         Slow

Fruit                                          Acorn

Special Characteristics   Deep root system

Seedling Size                      6” to 12”


General Description:

White oaks are considered the best shade tree for lawn plantings with large areas. White Oaks can be very slow growing but can live up to 500 – 600 years. They are able to survive for several years before succumbing to oak wilt disease.



Redhumped oakworm, orange-striped oakworm, and oak slug sawfly



Is considered one of the best oaks over all to be used for multipurpose woods, also used as barrels.

White Oak (bundle of 25)

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