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Weed Suppressant Mat is a wood mat comprised of recycled wood from northern Minnesota. WSM is one-step product for weed removal and mulching protection. There are no restrictions on use. They are strong, flexible mat that reduces rain impact and slowly release moisture into the soil while inhibiting growth.


Materials the mat is made out of: Whole Wood Fiber, Bi-component Fiber Hot Melt, and Basic Green


Size of mat: 2.5’ X 2.5’


Recommended uses for Weed Suppression Mat:

  • To smother lawn grass and weeds
  • In place of black plastic or herbicides
  • Seedlings may be planted through the mat
  • Staking mat down is highly recommended 


Timeframe: WSM will last approximately 3+ years and material must be left in place


Mats can be used for:

  • Vegetable gardening when planting tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, vine plants, etc.
  • Rows in vegetable garden
  • Material helps hold moisture in the soil
  • Start a new perennial flower bed
  • Under wood mulch


Staples sold seperately

Weed Suppressant Tree Mats

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