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Name                                Red-osier Dogwood

Scientific Name                  Cornus Sericea

Wildlife Value                    Good

Average height                 8'

Origin                                Native

Shade Tolerance              Moderate

Drought Tolerance           Poor

Growth Rate                     Rapid

Fruit                                  White Berry

Special Characteristics   Red Twigs in Winter

Seedling Size                   12" to 18"


General Description

In the wild, it commonly grows in areas of damp soil, such as wetlands. It is a medium to tall deciduous shrub, spreading readily by underground stolons to form dense thickets. The branches and twigs are dark red, although wild plants may lack this coloration in shaded areas.



Twig blick (canker) may be a disease problem.



Popular ornamental shrub that is often planted for the red coloring of its twigs in the dormant season

Red-osier Dogwood (bundle of 25)

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