Northern Red Oak

Scientific Name

Quercus rubra

Wildlife Value


Average height




Shade Tolerance


Drought Tolerance


Growth Rate




Special Characteristics

Red Fall Color

Seedling Size 12" to 18"




General Description

In forests, the northern red oak grows straight and tall, to 28 m (90 ft), exceptionally to 43 m (140 ft) tall, with a trunk of up to 50-100 cm (20-40 in) diameter. Open-grown trees do not get so tall, but can develop a stouter trunk, up to 2 m (6 ft) in diameter. It has stout branches growing at right angles to the stem, forming a narrow round-topped head. It grows rapidly and is tolerant of many soils and varied situations, although it prefers the glacial drift and well-drained borders of streams. Oaks are beautiful, their wood valuable, and their acorns are a source of food for squirrels, jays, bears, and white-tailed deer. it transplants easily and is hardy in city conditions. 



The northern red oak is one of the most important oaks for timber production in North America. The wood is of high value. Other uses can be used for flooring, veneer, interior trim, and furniture. 


Northern Red Oak (bundle of 25)

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