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Red Pine (S)

Scientific Name

Pinus resinosa

Wildlife Value


Average height




Shade Tolerance


Drought Tolerance


Growth Rate



Short cones point away from the branch

Special Characteristics

4-5" Needles in bunches of 2

Transplant Size 

 7" to 15"


General Description

Red Pine is the Minnesota State Tree. Red Pine is a coniferous characterized by tall, straight growth in a variety of habitats. It usually ranges from 80ft in height and 3ft in trunk diameter. The crown is conical, becoming a narrow rounded dome with age. The bark is thick and gray-brown at the base of the tree, but thin, flaky and bright orange-red in the upper crown; the tree's name derives from this distinctive character. Some red color may be seen in the fissures of the bark. Red Pine is self pruning; there tend not to be dead branches on the trees, and older trees may have very long lengths of branchless trunk below the canopy. Typically found on sandy, rocky terrain, red pine can sometimes adapt to very poor soil. It forms pure stands, especially on sites cleared by fire, but also associates with other pines. Red pine grows rapidly and is considered a hard wood pine.



It is used in construction and is made into interior wood trim, moldings, poles, piles, etc. The wood is commercially valuable in forestry for timber and paper pulp, and the tree is also used for landscaping. 

Red Pine (bundle of 25)

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