Name                            Mountain Ash

Scientific Name            Sorbus americana

Wildlife Value              Good   

Average height             17’

Origin                            Native

Shade Tolerance           Tolerant

Drought Tolerance       Fair

Growth Rate                 Moderate

Fruit                               red pome

Special Characteristics   provides food during the winter

Seedling Size                  12”-18”


General Description: Mountain ash are considered a small tree. Prefers to be on the edges of forests or partial openings to receive some direct sunlight. Flowers in large clusters. The fruit turn reddish color between mid- August to mid-September. The delicate fern like leaves will turn a yellow color in fall. The bark becomes scaly as the tree matures.


Pests: borers such as the flat-headed apple tree borer or the round-headed borer.


Uses: Provides food for birds through the winter months.

Mountain Ash (bundle of 25)