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Name                              Common Elderberry

Scientific Name             Sambucus canadensis

Wildlife Value                   Good

Average height                9

Origin                              Native

Shade Tolerance             Moderate

Drought Tolerance           Fair

Growth Rate                    Rapid

Fruit                                 Only the purplish-black berries are edible

Special Characteristics    Berries high in vitamin C

Seedling Size                   12” to 18”


General Description:

Common elderberry is quite versatile used as dyes, tools and instruments. The edible berries can be used for wine, jellies, pies, candy and sauces. Elderberry produces a good seed crop nearly every year. It can reach full size in 3-4 years. It is considered to be short-lived.   



Elder shoot borer, cecropia moth, certain species of aphids.



It is useful ground cover for stabilizing streambanks and eroding sites. It provides food, cover, perching, and nesting for birds and other wildlife.

Elderberry (bundle of 25)

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