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Lake George Stormwater Project

In recent years, Lake George has experienced algae blooms resulting in green lake water and unpleasant orders. Due to this, the lake was placed on the Minnesota’s Impaired Waters list.

In 2020, the City of St. Cloud, MN installed an underground stormwater treatment system to remove pollutants and filter dissolved phosphorus from 60 acres of Lake George’s watershed that was previously untreated before discharging into Lake George. With this

project, an estimated 30 pounds of phosphorus and 23,600 pounds of sediment will be removed annually and kept from entering the Lake.

The project was funded with Clean Water, Land, & Legacy Grant received in partnership with the Stearns County SWCD and the City of St. Cloud. Project support was provided by Short Elliot Hendrickson, the City of St. Cloud, and the Stearns County SWCD.

More information is available at:

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