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Volunteer Opportunities - Improve Habitat for Wildlife in Stearns County

The State of Minnesota has over 1,000 public wildlife areas designated for wildlife watching opportunities of birds, waterfowl and mammals, as well as offering public hunting of small and big game animals. These Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) need help in maintaining and enhancing the land so wildlife can thrive.

Individuals or groups interested in volunteering to help wildlife can do a one-time event or come back several times.

As part of a typical volunteer workday on a MN Wildlife Management Area (WMA) you could:

  • Collect prairie seeds

  • Monitor and control terrestrial invasive species (i.e. Buckthorn)

  • Help with trail projects and trash pickup

  • Assist with boundary and sign maintenance

  • Clear vegetation from shallow lake and wetland water controls

  • Monitor shallow lakes and wetland water levels

  • Collect and/or seed wild rice

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