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Hayed Buffer Program :

Sponsored by the Sauk River Watershed District

Program Purpose:

To reduce the impact of soil erosion and stormwater runoff on water quality by reducing sediment, phosphorous, nitrogen and fecal bacteria loads to streams, lakes and wetlands.

Program Summary:

Program is intended to encourage landowners to establish buffer strips along vulnerable surface waters as an effective means of reducing levels of sediment and other pollutants in surface water.

Program was developed to increase enrollment on priority riparian areas utilizing cash incentives and a minimally restrictive program.

The "Hayed Buffer" program was tailored by a Farmer-led Council which guided the SRWD in the development of its program policy, application and payment rate.

Program Terms:

Width of buffer must have a minimum width of 50 feet.

Program offers 75% cost share to establish the 50 foot buffer.

Installed buffer may be mowed/hayed twice a year from June 15 through
September 1.

Program offers landowners a $150 annual payment per acre.

Landowner is responsible for maintenance under a 10 year contract.



More information here:

Hayed Buffer Program Factsheet (SRWD)

Cost Share form for Hayed Buffer Program (SRWD)


The Stearns County Soil and Water Office is also available to answer questions about this program. Please contact us for more information:

Ryan Rothstein or Jason Selvog
Stearns County SWCD
320-251-7800 Extension 3

You can also contact the Sauk River Watershed District at 320-352-2231

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