***Tree Pickup Information***

Customers who pre-ordered trees from the Stearns County SWCD can pick up their tree order the following days:

Friday, May 2            8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday, May 3       8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

--These are the only times the trees can be picked up--

You can pick up your tree order at the MN Department of Transportation (DOT) building in Albany (not the Stearns County Hwy. building).  The DOT building (light yellow) is across I-94 from the City of Albany, on the south side of Stearns Cty. Rd. 10, just east of the Fleet Supply store. From I-94, Take Cty. Rd. 10 south to the stop sign, and then turn right, following Cty. Rd. 10 for 1/8 mile (34916 County Road 10). A sign will be posted along Cty. Rd. 10. 

Any order not picked up during scheduled times will be charged a $25 late fee. Call Lori or Jason at 320-251-7800, Ext. 3, if you have questions.

We are still taking orders for trees!

To view which trees are still available click here...

Remember to Order Your Rain Barrel or Compost Bin


This spring, the Recycling Association of Minnesota is working to bring residents affordable rain barrels and compost bins. 

There are many economic and environmental benefits to using rain barrels and compost bins, a few are: 

1.  When you use a rain barrel, you will conserve water by using the rain water rather than from the spigot (which you pay for).  It can also help with storm water management on your property in conjunction with your neighbor!    It can also reduce storm water runoff, which can be a major pollution contributor to waterways.  

2.  By using a compost bin you can reduce more than 25% of your waste from going to a landfill which saves you money!

These compost bins and rain barrels come with a 10 year warranty, are made from recycled content and are extremely affordable.  Compost bins are only $55 and rain barrels are $69.  But you must order by Thursday, May 1st.

To order your rainbarrel or compost bin go to: RecycleMinnesota.org

6500 Households in Stearns County Asked to Participate in Free Well Nitrate Sampling

If you were one of the 6,500 selected for this effort you will be recieving the water testing kit in the mail. The first batch will be sent out at the end of February. If you are in one of the target township please consider being part of this study.

Clean groundwater is vital to the state of Minnesota. Groundwater supplies drinking water to about 75 percent of all Minnesotans and almost all of the water used to irrigate the state's crops. The quality of groundwater is an important issue for every well owner.  Nitrate is one of the most common ground water contaminants found in rural areas.  Drinking water with high nitrate concentrations can cause serious health effects in infants and the presence of nitrate may be an indicator of other contaminants in water.  For more info Click Here.

Editor Paula Mohr of “The Farmer” Magazine Wins Media Award

Paula Mohr, editor, “The Farmer” magazine, received the 2013 MASWCD Media Award from the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD). Paula was presented the award by Mike Jorgenson, West Central Area 2 Director, on December 2, 2013 at the MASWCD annual convention in Bloomington.

Paula received this award for extraordinary coverage of conservation issues, practices, and achievements in “The Farmer”. There is a section dedicated to conservation in each issue and Paula often writes feature articles that cover “hot” topics such as soil health, water conservation, new programs, and legislative issues. Recent examples include her coverage of the new Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program and a soil health and cover crop field day that was held last fall near Richmond. She also makes sure that each of the State and Area MASWCD “Outstanding Conservationist” award winners are able to tell their own personal conservation story in every January issue.

click here to read more

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Local Area Chosen as Pilot for Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program

The Middle Sauk River in Stearns County was recently selected to be one of 4 pilot areas for the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program. This voluntary effort is the results of local-state-federal partnerships and looks to accelerate water quality improvements while recognizing the efforts of our local producers. The photo shows Stearns County SWCD Board member Chuck Uphoff with Governor Mark Dayton and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (seated) at the pilot area announcement event.

For more information on this new program please contact the Stearns SWCD office at 320-251-7800 Ext. 3 or you can read more on the Mn Department of Agriculture website here.

Fitting Cover Crops into Your Rotation

Cover crops are an excellent way to build organic matter, protect soil from erosion, fight weeds, capture nutrients, and even provide supplemental forage; they help mimic a natural system where there is cover year round when interseeded into or planted after cash crops. When planting cover crops you can look at your specific goals and consider legumes for a nitrogen source, nutrient recovery and increased infiltration with deep rooted brassicas (i.e. turnips and radishes), or try a mixture that will cover multiple resource concerns.  One helpful tool is the Cover Crop Decision Tool offered by the Midwest Cover Crops Council http://www.mccc.msu.edu/index.htm.

WANTED: Places to Install Raingardens, Native Buffers, and Shoreline Restoration Projects

The Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District is looking for property owners within Stearns County that are interested in completing a raingarden, native buffer, or lakeshore restoration project. Interested? Click here.


Do you know the story of Soil?
Click here to learn the whole story! iheartsoil.org 


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SWCD Press Releases

Current Releases:
2013 MASWCD Media Award - Paula Mohr
On Farm Energy Savings Surprising Quick Return
Stearns SWCD Partners with Conservation Corps MN
- Cover Crop Field Day 2013
- MN Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program
- MRBI Targeted Funding Success Story
- Conservation Help Available to Improve Soil, Profitability

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greenstarfarms.org - How Does Your Stewardship Rate?

No-Till University

FREE posters available!
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The On-Farm Network® is here.

The Stearns County SWCD is partnering with the On-Farm Network® to assist farmers in implementing stalk nitrate evaluations to help them fine tune Nitrogen management in corn production.  Click here for more information.

Learn about Pheasants Forever.

Check out the video at the bottom of the Pheasants Forever page. Click here...

Want to learn about the soil on your property?

Check out the Web Soil Survey Click here...

Department of Natural Resources is taking tree orders (minimum order 500 trees). Click here for more information.

Mississippi River Basin Initiative Program

The Stearns SWCD and partners have been awarded over $4 million for projects that will protect and restore the waters of the Sauk River. Working with many partners, the SWCD will provide assistance to producers to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus while supporting agricultural productively and wildlife habitat. Learn more...

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