Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) Signup 2015

The Natural Resources Conservation Service's Conservation Stewardship Program will provide about $100 million in funding for up to 7.7 million acres for consevation. 


Although applications are accepted all year, farmers, ranchers and forestland owners interested in CSP should submit applications by Friday, March 13th to their local NRCS office to ensure they are considered for this year's funding.


The voluntary program allows producers to go the extra mile in conserving natural resources while also maintaining or increasing the productivity of their operations.  


Stearns County currently has over 54,000 acres enrolled in CSP, bringing in over $7 million to local farmers and forest landowners. CSP is a way of providing an incentive for farmers, ranchers, and private forest managers who maintain a high level of conservation on their land and agree to adopt higher levels of stewardship. By focusing on multiple resource concerns, landowners are able to achieve a sustainable landscape and maintain or increase the productivity of their operation.


Contact the Stearns County Conservation office for more information (320-251-7800 Ext. 3) or read more here.

Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District Receives the 2014 Climate Adaptation Award

Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has been recognized and celebrated as a leader in education, research, and practice development in advanced, and implemented climate adaptation strategies in Minnesota. Read the entire Story

Stearns SWCD is taking Tree Orders for Spring Delivery!

The Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District tree program was developed to provide landowners with an affordable and convenient way to purchase trees and shrubs for conservation practices, such as windbreaks, shelterbelts, living snowfences and wildlife habitat. 

The tree program is on a first come, first serve basis. Payment in full is due with your order.  You will be notified by post card when the trees can be picked up in Albany (usually end of April or beginning of May).

Trees are sold in bundles of 25 with a minimum order of 2 bundles (50 trees). CHECK AVAILBILITY HERE: click here for more info.

The MN DNR is also currently accepting tree orders (min purchase is 500 trees). more info.

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Local NRCS Employee Highlighted

Stearns County USDA/NRCS employee Sangeetha Gummadi is featured in the August/September Central Minnesota Women Magazine. 

Sangeetha talks about growing up in Minnesota and her career as a soil conservationist with the United States Department of Agriculture. 

The Lake Koronis Project

The Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has received a Clean Water Partnership Grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to work with the public in an effort to protect and/or improve the water quality of Lake Koronis. Click here for more information.

Local Area Chosen as Pilot for Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program

The Middle Sauk River in Stearns County was recently selected to be one of 4 pilot areas for the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program. This voluntary effort is the results of local-state-federal partnerships and looks to accelerate water quality improvements while recognizing the efforts of our local producers. The photo shows Stearns County SWCD Board member Chuck Uphoff with Governor Mark Dayton and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (seated) at the pilot area announcement event.

For more information on this new program please contact the Stearns SWCD office at 320-251-7800 Ext. 3 or you can read more on the Mn Department of Agriculture website here.

Fitting Cover Crops into Your Rotation

Cover crops are an excellent way to build organic matter, protect soil from erosion, fight weeds, capture nutrients, and even provide supplemental forage; they help mimic a natural system where there is cover year round when interseeded into or planted after cash crops. When planting cover crops you can look at your specific goals and consider legumes for a nitrogen source, nutrient recovery and increased infiltration with deep rooted brassicas (i.e. turnips and radishes), or try a mixture that will cover multiple resource concerns.  One helpful tool is the Cover Crop Decision Tool offered by the Midwest Cover Crops Council http://www.mccc.msu.edu/index.htm.


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Climate Adaptation Award

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greenstarfarms.org - How Does Your Stewardship Rate?

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The On-Farm Network® is here.

The Stearns County SWCD is partnering with the On-Farm Network® to assist farmers in implementing stalk nitrate evaluations to help them fine tune Nitrogen management in corn production.  Click here for more information.

Learn about Pheasants Forever.

Check out the video at the bottom of the Pheasants Forever page. Click here...

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Check out the Web Soil Survey Click here...

Department of Natural Resources is taking tree orders (minimum order 500 trees). Click here for more information.

Mississippi River Basin Initiative Program

The Stearns SWCD and partners have been awarded over $4 million for projects that will protect and restore the waters of the Sauk River. Working with many partners, the SWCD will provide assistance to producers to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus while supporting agricultural productively and wildlife habitat. Learn more...

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