Name                             Black Walnut

Family Species               Juglans nigra

Wildlife Value                  Good

Average height               50’

Origin                              Native

Shade Tolerance             Intolerant

Drought Tolerance          Fair

Growth Rate                   Slow/Moderate

Fruit                                Edible nut

Special Characteristics   Produces a water-soluble compound called Juglone

Seedling Size                  12” to 18”


General Description: Requires considerable amount of space for full growth. Not recommended for a field windbreak. Produces a large deep root system. Also produces a substance known as juglone that is toxic to confiners and most flowers and vegetables.    


Pests: Walnut caterpillar; variable oakleaf caterpillar; lacebug, Anthracnose; Nectria canker.



It provides food and cover for wildlife. It is a prized wood in Minnesota it is used as veneer and furniture. Nuts are edible

Black Walnut (bundle of 25)


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