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Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership (HASP) Project

The Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership is a cross-sector partnership where no ideas are too far-fetched, focused on agricultural conservation practices that can improve both a farmer’s profitability and natural resource stewardship. HASP serves as a forum where innovative ideas can be considered, supported, accelerated, and/or implemented with the Partnership’s diverse experience, skills, and connections.

The partnership released a video highlighting the three farmers who have participated in the study. Implementing partners and farmers also spoke in a panel at the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce's Farming Today Conference on March 10. Reports with the past two years of farm financial and environmental data will be released this spring and summer.

Check out the Farmer Video

Watch the three case study farmers talk about the conservation practices they have implemented and how it has affected their farms.

Watch the Conference Panel

Hear from Mark Lefebvre, Keith Olander, Tim Kerfeld, and Tom Gregory about their involvement in the ROI project and the early results.

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