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Proposed MN Groundwater Protection Update

Governor Dayton Proposes Groundwater Protection Measure to Reduce Elevated Nitrate Levels in Drinking Water.

----- Listen to Governor Mark Dayton and Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson discuss a proposed new groundwater protection measure. [Link] ------

Minnesota Department of Agriculture engaged over 1,500 farmers and landowners in drafting the new water quality rule at 17 public meetings across the state.

Proposed rule includes additional protections for drinking water based on public input, including over 820 written comments from Minnesotans.

Additional opportunities for public comment on the proposed water quality improvement measure will begin in May, with additional public hearings to be held this summer

----- [MAP] Attached is a map depicting vulnerable areas (shown in purple and green) where nitrogen fertilizer application would be limited during the fall to protect groundwater from contamination. [Link] -----

Lots more information at this link.

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